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Guidelines Honours education during COVID-19

Clarity and communication in a time when it's most needed

The coronavirus affects all of us, and only together, we can overcome this global pandemic. Hence, we developed these guidelines that we expect you to adhere to when participating in the Honours programmes, online and on-campus. Please note that these guidelines are constantly subject to change due to the uncertain times we are living in. Students and teachers will be informed by e-mail whenever these guidelines change.

We are striving to base our guidelines on the most up-to-date regulations and advises from both the Dutch Government and the University of Twente. At all times, our priority is to ensure a safe place for you to study, work and connect. Nevertheless, one of the valuable assets of the Honours programmes is our community of bright students, motivating teachers and inspiring field-experts. As cross-disciplinary communication and scientific collaborations are currently more important than ever before, we strive to organise as many educational activities on-campus as possible, granted that the regulations allow us to do this in a safe manner.

guidelines for Honours Online and Hybrid Education

Since the 15th of December, the Netherlands is in lockdown. This means that all sessions from the Bachelor and Master Honours programmes have also been moved to online environments until further notice. Although our first priority is the continuation of all our educational activities, we ask you to focus on the unique characteristics of the Honours programme: small-scale education with fruitful interactions, inspiring discussions and space for personal development. 

Even though we aim to organise all Honours sessions on-campus,  there are diverse reasons why students or teachers cannot or should not attend sessions in real life (e.g. self-isolation, quarantine or lockdown). This change in setting raises new challenges that we have to solve with each other. Hence, we kindly ask you to stick to the following guidelines for Honours Online and Hybrid Education. Only together, we can preserve the quality and the unique characteristics of the Honours programmes! 

Corona Measures during Physical Honours education

Whenever that is possible, we strive to organise our educational activities on-campus. For your own safety, and that of your peers and teachers, we strongly urge you to act in accordance with the measures below; before, during and after physical Honours sessions. Furthermore, to ensure that we can provide a safe environment for everyone, it is important that you adhere to the guidelines from the University of Twente and the instructions from the University personnel. 

  • Wear a face mask whenever you are moving (i.e. not seated). This holds for in class movements, short coffee breaks and sanitary visits as well. Please limit the number of movements, also within the classroom.
  • Only sit at the places where you can find a pink sticker. Note that you are not allowed to move the furniture. Cleaning supplies are available for you to clean your workspace.
  • Make use of the lecture halls that are reserved for you. The meeting rooms are meant for two people to work in and tables outside are meant to facilitate individuals working.
  • Keep 1.5 meters of distance. Whenever this is not possible, wear a face mask. Note: wearing a face mask does not exempt you from the measures above. A face mask is just an additional and not a replacement for any measure. Furthermore, wash or disinfect your hands regularly. Avoid crowded spaces and sneeze in your elbow.
  • Do not come to university if:
    • you, your housemate, or someone you had physical contact with is positively tested for Corona;
    • you are tested for Corona and waiting for the result;
    • you are experiencing Corona symptoms (get tested!); or
    • the CoronaMelder app tells you that you had been in physical proximity of someone that is positively tested for Corona.
    • In case of doubt, please use this checklist:

To those who are unable to attend Honours sessions on-campus, we try to do our best to facilitate hybrid education to accommodate your situation and allow you to participate in the Honours sessions via online environments. In this case, it is important that you inform both the Honours Office ( and your track coordinator about your situation. Please note that your presence is still expected online and that hybrid education is only for those who are hindered to attend sessions on-campus.


Note that the guidelines above are an addition to existing regulations, including the Regulations of the Honours programmes, the UT-Corona guidelines, and the students' codes of conducts of the University of Twente. The latter includes the Student Code of Conduct for IT and Internet Use and the codes of conduct for students as described in the Student's Charter.