In case you have a BSc in Computer Science from a Dutch university you have full, unconditional, admission to our master's programme in Human Media Interaction. In case you have a different bachelor's degree or a professional master's degree (HBO) in Computer Science you can apply for admittance at the Admission Office, see this link. The same goes for having a bachelor's degree or professional master's degree in a discipline in Artificial Intelligence, Mediatechnology, Creative Technology, Design and whatever you judge could be equivalent here. The admission committee will judge whether you can be admitted to the programme.

The committee will check your programme on the aspects of programming, software engineering, computerarchitecture/organization,  operating systems, information systems,  databases, artificial intelligence  and on mathematics.

Based on this the Admission Office will come up with a pre-master's programme consisting of courses on the aspects mentioned above that are lacking.  In case there is too much discrepancy no pre-master’s programme will be allowed, and no admission is possible.


The premaster’s programme has been formally separated from the master’s programme. The student will only be admitted to the master’s programme, if all courses of the premaster’s programme have been finished with a sufficient examination result. The full premaster’s programme must have been finished successfully within a year after the start of the programme. If not, the student will be rejected for admission to the master’s programme. Note that you can only start with the master’s programme after you have completed the premaster’s programme and you have been admitted to the master’s programme. This is according to Dutch legislation (“harde knip”).


For students with a suitable HBO degree (Dutch university of professional education) in Computer Science or equivalent a fixed premaster’s programme has been formulated. Students can also take this programme through as a transfer minor during their BSc programme. The admission committee may also offer this programme or a modified version to international students or students with a different background if the programme is suitable for them. 
The premaster/transfer minor for HBO Computer Science consists of Calculus A (5EC), Linear Algebra (3EC), Math A and Discrete Mathematics (4EC), Academic Research Skills (3EC), Probability theory and statistics (3EC), Intelligent interaction design (12EC).