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A vest which has electrodes to measure muscular tension in the neck and shoulders provides relief for people with chronic pain. The vest even vibrates to remind the wearer to relax or change position.

A whiplash injury or incorrect posture when using the computer can cause chronic pain in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Because many people tense these muscles too much - often without realizing it - the problem is likely to get worse rather than better. The muscles should be fully relaxed for about twenty per cent of the day, but few if any neck pain sufferers manage to reach this target.

The electrodes in the special vest developed by the Telemedicine department measure the tension in the wearer's shoulders and neck. If the wearer does not relax when he should, the vest starts to vibrate: the sign that it is time to change position.

But that is not all. The vest sends relevant information to a database. Both patient and physiotherapist can retrieve the data at any time and discuss how treatment is progressing. In most cases, it is enough for people to be aware of the tension in their neck region. They can then take the necessary action. All they need is an occasional reminder.