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The health research conducted at the University of Twente has spawned scores of successful spin-off companies. Examples include:

Xsens develops various motion tracking products which enable doctors to record a patient's movements in 3D. Sensors which reveal the activity within the patient's muscles help to determine the extent of damage caused by a stroke. A shoe which measures the forces exerted by the wearer provides the information required to produce ergonomic footwear. But Xsens' activities are not confined to the field of medical technology: the company has also been approached by Hollywood and the gaming industry. Click here to go to the Xsens website .

MobiHealth's mobile e-health systems facilitate 'remote care'. Patients can be monitored in the most reliable situation: their day-to-day lives. Moreover, e-health applications reduce costs and the time requirement for both the patient and the healthcare system. Click here to go to the MobiHealth website.

Medimate markets an extremely useful device, based on nanotechnology, which enables people with manic depression (bipolar disorder) to monitor the concentration of lithium in their blood. The company is now developing many other potential applications for its 'lab-on-a-chip' technology. Click here to go to the Medimate website.