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Knowlegde Safety Team

KNOWLEDGE SAFETY: Taking care of what we share

Information regarding knowledge safety and export control for UT employees can be accessed via the UT Service Portal.

In 2020, the Knowledge Safety Team (KST) was established. This office focusses on the balance between the opportunities that come with innovative research and international cooperation on the one hand, and knowledge safety risks on the other hand. Due to these risks, it is important that a reliable system is set up to guarantee the safety and the integrity of academic knowledge.  

Knowledge safety and export control is present is various processes within the UT community such as the international cooperation and agreements, the recruitment of international staff, opportunities provided by foreign investors, but also the digital and physical access to the UT campus.

The main tasks of the KST are:

Members & Contacts

The KST consists of seven members that work in different departments and faculties at the UT.

 For questions, please contact Irna van der Molen and Erwin Medendorp.

dr. P. van der Molen (Irna)
Senior Policy Advisor Knowledge Safety and Export Control
G.W. Medendorp (Erwin)
Integral Safety manager