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NEVAT and Fraunhofer Project Center are teaming up!

Fraunhofer Project Center was invited by FME-NEVAT to demonstrate what Industry 4.0 could mean for Heavy Metal Industry. Starting from the current industrial trends Thomas Vollmer, Head of Production Organisation and Industry 4.0, Fraunhofer IPT, discussed with participants most relevant technology developments and implementations to be considered for the coming period.

Edwin Dekker, organizer of this meeting says: ‘’ Fraunhofer Project Center has inspired and challenged the members of Nevat. The future of manufacturing is in the digital transformation of production and Industry 4.0. It is a reality that gives us lots of possibilities for the sustainable business growth.’’

“Mission of the Fraunhofer Project Center is bringing knowledge, competencies and skills into the manufacturing industries”, says dr. Biba Visnjicki, Director Business Development Fraunhofer Project Center. “We are supporting organizations of any size and industrial fields to get connected, faster, more flexible and agile when it comes to the production. It is the only way for organizations to sustain enormous competitive pressure and respond to necessity to become an important player in the fast-growing digital supply chains.”