Our completed and running projects

Product Lifecycle Managment

Product Lifecycle Management

One of the first FEST projects is the collaboration with the master course Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), from the master Industrial Design Engineering. The course is centered around information management strategies in product development.

FEST has connected four companies to the course with interesting cases. The students following the course will work in teams on these cases, applying the latest research in a real life situation. 

FPC inside 2019

FPC Inside 2019 

On Thursday, September 19th 2019, the FPC Inside event took place. This event was organized by the FEST (FPC Expertise Student Team) in order to enable University staff and students, government and development agencies to get deeper understanding of what Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) is, does and what are the plans for the future. 

In the first part on the event, presentations were given by prof. dr. Ian Gibson, dr. Thomas Vollmer, Eric Lutters and dr. Biba Visnjicki followed by a series of questions in a panel setting. In the second part, Demitriana Minassian introduced FEST and the Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) was introduced by program leaders Maaike Slot and Jornt van Dijk.