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FEST stands for Fraunhofer project center (FPC) Expertise Student Team. The main goal of the team is to create a community were the industry, students and the academia are collaborating, to create a better prepared future workforce, enhance the industry with state of the art knowledge and integrate these often unrelated parts of the society.

Through its main goal FEST also supports the central task of FPC to transfer current research in advanced manufacturing directly into industrial practice. For this, the focus is on the development of technological solutions in the area of production processes, production equipment, digital manufacturing and manufacturing value chain organization.

 Through FEST the students have the opportunity to:

  • professional guidance
  • gain professional experience
  • develop personally
  • explore future job opportunities

There are two main types of involvement

  1. Organisation
    In order for FEST to exist and support students (and the industry), it needs the students that can make it happen! This can be supported in many different ways. There is a variety of ways you could influence the organisation. Some examples of ways are, but not limited to: graphics, communication, social media, advertising, recruitment, company acquisition, strategy,  representation, organisation, website management, planning, article writing, animation generation, marketing, business development, event support and management.
  2. Projects
    Fraunhofer Project Center has a variety of projects in a variety of topics ready to be undertaken by students. The projects can be acquired as a paid job, capita selecta or a master thesis.  The main areas of FEST and FPC are Industry 4.0, Precision Assembly, Predictive Maintenance, Additive and Advanced Manufacturing. The areas involve projects that are multidisciplinary and require varied knowledge from multiple fields. Based on your interests the projects and your involvement will be assigned accordingly. Compatible fields of knowledge are,  but not limited to Industrial Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Biomedical Engineering.

In general, if you are enthusiastic, proactive, motivated, creative, a team player, organised, thirsty for personal development and want to put your competences into an application, this is the place for you!

The team

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