Our purpose


Through our aim the industry, most importantly can gain state of the art knowledge, bridging the gap between university and the ‘’real world’’ and at the same time gain visibility and the opportunity to work, learn but even influence their potential future workforce. 


Researchers can gain more insights and access in the field of the industry, create sparing partners and see the future potential of the research. 


Can turn their knowledge into practice, were in parallel they develop valuable skills and competencies necessary for their professional career. 
They have the opportunity to work closely with a variety of companies  but also get acquainted with research projects and explore the different fields that interest them before they graduate 
Once a student becomes part of FEST they also receive valuable training by working closely with the FPC experts and follow different masterclasses.

why fest

FEST has an unique postion.  

  • Knowledge and academic view and quality of thinking provided by academic staff. 
  • Professional, business driven in project definition, execution and operational excellence guided by FPC.  
  • Real life learning by doing, getting experience and network in projects with Industry