FEST is the Fraunhofer Project Center Expertise Student Team. The team has been officially running since September 2018. The ambition of FEST is to support students to transform knowledge gained at the university to competencies, skills, experience and network very relevant for their upcoming professional career. In the same fashion, FEST wants to make easier for companies to be more visible to and find new workforce.  

our Ambition

Through our ambition, we aim to generate a significant value exchange between researchers, industry and students, while subsequently the region of Twente benefits as well. The industry gains access to state of the art knowledge, bridging the knowledge gap between university and the ‘’real world’’ and at the same time gain visibility and the opportunity to work, learn but also influence their potential future workforce. Researchers can gain more insights and access in the field of the industry, create sparing partners and see the future potential of the research. Lastly students, apart from turning their knowledge into practice, they develop valuable skills and competencies necessary for their professional career. They have the opportunity to work closely with a variety of companies, get acquainted with research projects and explore the different fields that interest them before they graduate 

Fest as an organisation

Even though FEST functions with the support and guidance of FPC, FEST students are responsible for their own development trajectory, operations and organisation. Because of that, the business model, roadmap and strategy of FEST was a product of the FEST students 

Over the last year, FEST has successfully obtained the following projects : Product Lifecycle Management, Project Consumer Products, Domino’s and Italian company analysis; provided students for multiple thesis projects and joined FPC projects. Apart from projects, FEST organised FPC Inside, assisted in RFAM 2018 and attended conferences like annual ICNAP members meeting 2018 and RapidPro 2019.  

FEST looks back at a very important year and a great start! For the near future we want to expand our project pool and get more projects from the industry. The optimal goal is to create a self-sustainable platform with a large network of students , researchers and companies exchanging knowledge, experiences and skills. 

There are open vacancies!
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HT 310 (Horst)
University of Twente

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