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About us

A central task of the Fraunhofer Project Center AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE is to transfer the current research directly into industrial practice.

The Fraunhofer Project Center at the University of Twente is a joint venture of three partners: the University of Twente, the hosting university, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft represented by its Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in Aachen, Germany and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The central task of the Fraunhofer Project Center is to transfer current research in advanced manufacturing directly into industrial practice. For this, we focus on the development of technological solutions in the area of production processes, production equipment, digital manufacturing and manufacturing value chain organization. Together with industry, we build synergies to achieve high-tech excellence within the fourth industrial revolution and to train the high-tech talents of tomorrow.

  • Mission

    Our MISSION is to reinforce the competitive strength of the industry for the greater good of the society.

    The competitiveness of manufacturing companies fundamentally depends on faultless and efficient production processes. Digitalization, cross-linking of production data and maximal resource efficiency is essential in "Industry 4.0” and necessery for a sustainability of a business.

    The quality and sophistication of the industrial solutions for Industry 4.0 strongly depends on breakthrough functional architectures and the availability of a broad scope of different know-how, skills and infrastructure to realise them Our membership in Fraunhofer network and cooperative projects gives us the ability to solve interdisciplinary problems that would otherwise be beyond the scope of a single institute. The extensive research spectrum covered by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the collaboration with University of Twente and Saxion gives us access to a far greater pool of knowledge.

  • Fraunhofer Network

    The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is the largest organization for applied rearch in Europe.

    • At present, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft maintains 69 institutes and research units.
    • The majority of 24,500 staff are qualified scientists and engineers.
    • 2.1 billion euros annual research budget totaling. Of this sum, 1.9 billion euros is generated through contract research.

    More than 70 percent of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s contract research revenue is derived from contracts with industry and from publicly financed research projects. Affiliated international research centers and representative offices provide contact with the regions of greatest importance to present and future scientific progress and economic development.