Fraunhofer Project Center Exclusive Event

INdustry 4.0 - Impact on manufacturing

Date: Friday, November 3th, 2017
Location: The Gallery, Hengelosestraat 500, 7521 AN Enschede
Time: 12:30 - 18:00 h

You probably know all the visionary stories on Industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence, internet of things and big data will forever change the way we design and manufacture products. And moreover: it will drastically change the organizational culture. Maybe in your own daily practice, you don’t foresee the consequences yet. You have a healthy business, the product portfolio is stable, the processes are clear. But what if you need to switch to completely new products, what if clients demand more influence on the processes? In other words, are you ready for fast adaptation? We want to make clear that Industry 4.0 is not just for the large industrial companies, it will affect your business as well, maybe already today.

That’s why the Fraunhofer Project Center invites you to an exclusive ‘hands-on’ event that goes beyond the visionary stories and helps you with practical experience. Thales Nederland, for example, will make clear what the transition meant to them. There will be sessions on the impact on design and the impact on manufacturing. And you will get to know Fraunhofer’s unique Industry 4.0 audit that will give you clear answers to the question if you’re ready for the next step. Meet other entrepreneurs, share experiences and take your business a decisive step further!


12:30 Entry

13:00 Words of welcome
Dr. Biba Visnjicki, Business Development Manager, Fraunhofer Project Center
Dr. Barbara Plecher-Hochstraβer, First Secretary Economic Affairs, German Embassy

13:30 Keynote: Industry 4.0 - Future of Manufacturing
Dr. Thomas Bergs, Managing Director, Fraunhofer IPT

14:15 Keynote: Thales perspective on Industry 4.0
Lukas Roffel, CTO, Thales Nederland

15:00 Break

15:20 FPC’s Industry 4.0 Audit
Dr. Eike Permin, Head of department »Production quality«, Fraunhofer IPT

16:00 Industry 4.0 opening new dimensions in design
Dr. Eric Lutters, Associate Professor »Management of Product Development«, University of Twente

16:40 Industry 4.0 shop floor solutions
Kevin Kostyszyn, Project Manager, Fraunhofer IPT

17:10 Break

17:20 Plenary session
Joost Kuijper, Strategist, Province of Overijssel
Lukas Roffel, CTO, Thales Nederland
Prof. Fred van Houten, Program Advisor FPC, University of Twente
Dr. Thomas Bergs, Managing Director, Fraunhofer IPT

18:00 Closing & walking dinner