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Manual TAS approval line managers

1.Line manager approval

Project staff must register all of the hours they work and staff are not permitted to approve their own hours. Up until now, the line manager (of the project leader) approved hours by signing an overview of them set out on paper.

The UT has decided that from now on both the project leader and the line manager will need to approve the hours worked by project staff through the workflow section of the TAS application. This means that the paper overviews will no longer be used for approval purposes.

As the setting for approval needs to be at unit level, all units with projects with indirect government funding or commercial funding must make use of this option for the unit as a whole. This means that you, as the line manager for your staff, must approve all the hours registered (on the comprehensive timesheet) through the workflow section of the application.

The project leader and the line manager give their approval at the same time.

Below are the steps you need to take in order to approve the hours logged by your staff.

2.Notification of hours to be approved

You will receive the following message by email as soon as hours for approval have been generated in TAS:

Dear Sir, Madam,

This is an automatically generated mail from the Time Accounting System (TAS).

As a line manager you have to approve hours.

To get an overview of these hours, log in to TAS and select "Approval Line Manager" from the menu.

3.Open the TAS application

You can find the TAS Accounting System application in the My Calendar and Time Registration section under the For You tab in the UT web applications.


The correct version of TAS is opened depending on the functionalities associated with your account:


For staff, for registering hours


For project leaders, for approving project hours


For line managers, for approving all staff hours

4.Time Accounting System (TAS-WF-HC)

Once you have logged in using your M number and password, the following screen is displayed:

5.Overview of hours to be approved

You start the approval process by selecting Approval Line Manager on the left-hand side of the screen. The hours of your staff over a period of 4 weeks per TAS activity and the total number of hours are displayed (the example below shows weeks 49-42).

An example of the screen:

By clicking on the Collapse all button you can hide the details per TAS activity so that you see only the total hours of the staff member:

By clicking on Expand all you can make the details per TAS activity visible once again.

6.Approval of hours

You approve all hours registered over the four-week period (Tot. column) by:

•checking the Yes or No box under Approval

•click Next

•click Save

7.Rejected hours

Line managers must indicate the reason for rejected hours under Explanation.

The employee receives an email with the following text:

Dear Sir, Madam,

This is an automatically generated mail from the Time Accounting System (TAS).

Some hours in your time registration have been rejected by your line manager.

Please contact your local TAS administrator to change the rejected hours as soon as possible.

In TAS you can select "corrections" from the menu to get an overview of the rejected hours.

When TAS is opened the following screen appears:

C:\Users\Dorst\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\HC5WBIY1\Tas_Mdw10.png

Once Corrections Line Manager has been selected, the screen with the rejected hours to be corrected by the employee is displayed:

C:\Users\Dorst\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\HC5WBIY1\Tas_Mdw11.png

The employee needs to inform the TAS administrator how to amend the hours.

The TAS administrator will make a correction according the indicated amendment.

8.Approval following correction

Once the TAS administrator has corrected the hours, the approval process begins again for the project leader and the line manager.


Contact the TAS administrator in your faculty if you have any questions or comments:

•CTW: Irma Droste (ext. 5257, email:

•EWI: Veronique Ligtenberg  (ext.: 2152,

•BMS: Sabri Tunc (ext. 2689, email:

•ITC: Tonnie Boeve (ext. 4271; email:

•TNW: Roy Bruil: (ext. 3657; email: