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Information about locking TAS for productive hours in future weeks

Information about locking TAS for productive hours in future weeks

Arguments for changing TAS

Funding bodies tend to be more strict in their audits of compliance with their terms and conditions. Non-compliance will cause considerable financial risks for the UT. One of the requirements is a well-structured, up-to-date and reliable project administration. Project expenses consist to a large extent of personnel costs generated from TAS (Time Accounting System) registration (realised hours x hourly rates). Auditors often focus on these costs. Therefore a correct registration of productive hours is essential for a reliable project administration.

The TAS-application is meant to be used for registration and authorisation of actual worked hours of (project) employees.

During their interim check the Financial Audit Department (FA) noticed that employees registered productive hours in future weeks. Checking the TAS administration FA concluded that by the end of October 2014 132 employees had already registered 22,000 productive hours for weeks in November and December 2014. In February 2015 53,000 productive hours already have been registered for weeks 14-53 of 2015. Using TAS this way jeopardizes the reliability of time registration and project administration, because a correct time registration can only be recorded for past weeks. Non updating of planned hours to realized productive hours will result in an incorrect time registration and will cause financial risks for the entire UT community.

This risk does not apply to non-productive hours because these hours are not included in project accounting.

FA has reported her findings to the Executive Board and has advised the Board to lock TAS for registration of productive hours in future weeks.

The Executive Board has decided to follow the recommendation of FA and has informed the deans and departments managers with letter CvB-UIT 1000 dated March 2, 2015.

The Board asked FEZ to implement the necessary changes in TAS starting

March 23, 2015.

This means:

TAS will be locked for registration of productive hours in future weeks

All registered productive hours in weeks beyond week 13 of 2015 will be deleted from TAS


To prepare for the change in TAS the TAS-administrators are asked to:

Check TAS codes for productive activities for errors and to correct the TAS codes into non-productive if needed before March 23, 2015.

Inform the employees about this changed procedure

FEZ will take care of:

Provide the TAS administrators with an overview of productive hours deleted from TAS.

Publish the changes procedure on the FEZ-intranet.

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Changes in TAS procedure and screens

Below a example is given to explain the changes in the TAS screens and procedure.

In this example week 3 is considered to be the current week.

Registration in current week

1.Registration of worked hours in the current week is unchanged.

All TAS codes can be used .


Future weeks

2.Registration of productive hours for future weeks is locked.

This restriction does not apply to non-productive hours, f.e. vacation leave.

3.Adding TAS codes of productive hours in future weeks is locked too.

This restriction is symbolized by a “padlock” symbol.

4.Copying registered hours from a previous week is only possible for non-productive hours.

Copying productive hours is locked, This restriction is indicated by a warning text in the screen.