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FFNT Lunch discussion "What have we learned from #MeToo at the UT? Practical notes from UT Counsellors and Confidential Advisors"

Time: 12.30 to 13.30

Location: DesignLab Room IDEATE

Dear member

Referring to the world-wide movement on sexual and power abuse in many professional sectors and industries, the so-called #MeToo discussions, and related awareness raising campaigns at the national and international level, FFNT announces the  "What have we learned from #MeToo at the UT? Practical notes from UT Counsellors and Confidential Advisors"  event as part of their lunch discussion series.

During that lunch discussion, taking place on 6th December 2018, we will present:

  • the new Code of Conduct of the University of Twente,
  • the website on Integrity,
  • a registration form for reporting misbehaviour,
  • the protocol to adopt in case of experiencing misbehavior as well as
  • other and overall progress with regard to measures at the UT.

We take the opportunity to announce this event widely, using several channels, involving staff, students, and administrational employees, as this is an important topic and central to Human Resources of the UT.

We have three speakers that each tend to a slightly different group of people working and studying at the UT, i.e. staff, PhD students and MSc students. Each of them will present current progress on the procedures with regard to misbehavior at the UT and practical knowledge on what to do in case it has been experienced.

We welcome you at this very important and informative event.


Minke Klomp
Minke Klomp MSc is a PhD Counsellor for all UT PhD’s and PDEng’s. If you face obstacles during your PhD/PDEng or feel you need some external advice, contact the PhD Counsellor (everything is highly confidential). As a PhD Counsellor, the she provides individual coaching and counselling, possible subjects can be cultural differences, motivation, struggles with your supervisor, managing your time or work life balance.

Melanie Braamhaar
As a confidential advisor, Melanie Braamhaar MA acts as a sounding board and mediator for UT employees who are victims of sexual harassment, aggression, violence and discrimination in the context of their work environment. She will listen to their stories, issue advice and provide support in finding solutions. One can always trust that she will uphold the confidentiality of everything that is told to her. The confidential advisor acts independently from the employer and this independence is guaranteed and protected by the employer. 

Nicole Torka, 
Dr. Nicole Torka is a policy advisor on work, organization & health at the UT HR department. In this function, she is also responsible for issues related to social integrity. She has worked on the review of the code of conduct on (mis)behavior: (sexual) harassment, intimidation, aggression, violence, and discrimination. Recently, she worked on an aggression protocol and set up a system for the registration of inappropriate behavior. In her daily work, she builds on and maintains a network of UT stakeholders concerned with social safety.

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