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UT FameLab Regional Heat

passionate about science? Famelab needs you!

If you think you can explain a scientific concept to a general audience, in just three minutes, then why not enter?  

Take part in the FameLab Regional Heat, win a KNAW masterclass and even represent the Netherlands in the UK!

During FameLab, young scientists present their research during engaging three-minute presentations in front of a general audience. Since its launch at the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK in 2005, FameLab has become the world’s leading science communication competition with preliminary rounds in more than 30 countries with over 9000 participants so far.

Take part in the FameLab Regional Heat, win a KNAW masterclass and even represent the Netherlands in the UK!

Check out the famelab teaser by Jair santanna here!

Who can participate?

Are you a student, lecturer or researcher in science, mathematics or engineering between the ages of 21 and 40 years and can you present your topic in an entertaining and engaging manner to a large audience, in English and without PowerPoint… in just 3 minutes? Then be sure to take part in the UT FameLab Regional Heat, win a masterclass and battle it out to represent the Netherlands in the UK!

Here you can find a video of the final in Utrecht in 2018, which was won by Jair Santanna of our University! 

How does it work?

Impress the judging panel and audience within three minutes while presenting a scientific topic of your choice. No slides, just science. You are permitted to use props that you can carry onto the stage yourself. Presentations will be judged based on the 3 Cs:

Content, Clarity, Charisma.  

Why participate?

FameLab provides a unique experience for the advancement of your presentation skills. Each winner of the Regional Heats will also receive a 2-day KNAW masterclass given by prominent science communicators. The winner of the national final will also be treated to a trip to Cheltenham (UK) to represent the Netherlands in the FameLab International Final.

Read more about FameLab here 

Find out more about the competition

Prepare for the heats

Meet the finalists and FameLab Final 2020 (online)


28 April 2021

Pitch training (to prepare yourself for the regional heat)

12 May 2021

Regional Heat at the University of Twente

20-21 May 2021

Masterclass by KNAW / British Council

1 June 2021

National Final, organised by the TU Eindhoven (as part of the Dutch Technology Week)

Autumn 2021

Final at the Cheltenham Festival, UK