H.V. Ockham

At the Honours programme of the University of Twente, you get to know extraordinary people. Every year a new group of Honours students starts with the program. And therefore, every year the group of (former-)participants and teachers becomes more diverse and interesting. For these people H.V. Ockham was founded, to provide further personal and academic growth and to realize a learning community. New, current, and former Honours students and teachers can become a member of the association. Several activities promote the contact between the cohorts.

The association is named after William of Ockham. William of Ockham was one of the major figures in de fourteenth century. He produced works in philosophy and physics and theology. You may call him a homo universalis. He is still known by Ockham’s razor "numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate". This means that in case of statements “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”. In other words, Ockham’s razor will shave unnecessary assumptions.

The students of the Honours programme will be working in different disciplines. Ockham’s razor will be used in every discipline. Therefore, we decided to name the association after him.

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