The Research Honours track consists of three courses. These are the following:

  1. Advanced Science Communication (course code 201300315) 5 EC. This course is taught in the evenings by Prof. Dr. Hedwig te Molder in period 2A. 
  2. Research Management & Academic Skills (course code 201400532) 5 EC. This course is coordinated by Prof. Petra de Weerd-Nederhof and consists of several workshops like Research Management (Prof. Dr. Hans Vossensteyn, Dr. Hanneke Becht), Creative Thinking (Nelleke van Adrichem, MSc; Wander Kenter, MSc), Presentation Skills and Science Slam (Hetty Bennink, MA and Dr. Anne Dijkstra), Scientific Integrity (Prof. Dr. Peter Paul Verbeek) and a Personal Pursuit (Prof. Dr. Ir. Petra de Weerd-Nederhof en Nelleke van Adrichem, MSc).
  3. Research Honours Training & Project (course code 201400533) 5 EC. This course includes Science Research Writing and coaching(Hetty Bennink, MA) and workshop about publishing innovations (Marga Koelen, MSc) and funding research (Telma Rodrigues da Silva Esteves), writing a research article or a proposal, a self assessment and organising an Apotheose.

To plan individually: Signing RH Contract; Personal Pursuit; Coaching Science Research Writing (3 sessions), Self Assessment Sessions