Design Honours



In the Design Honours programme you will work in small teams on a design project. This design work is supervised by research staff from the labs in which the design challenges are rooted. Next to the project work one follows a series of workshops that deal with design from different relevant perspectives like technology, human factors, societal context, business, process, and prototyping. The workshops will both develop design skills as well as theoretical insight.


The programme consists of an integrated 15EC module, divided over the third and fourth quartiles. The work on the assignments and the project can be planned independently with your group. Normally you will report and discuss progress with your supervisors on a regular basis as well.

Some examples of the topics of the project assignments are:

  • The improvement of Activities of Daily Living for certain disabled people through the application of robotics.
  • The improvement of Social Robotics by integrating design & emotion principles with robot engineering.
  • Improving the application and acceptation of new solar energy technologies in building constructions.


At the end of the module the developed design concepts are presented in a joined session for all the people that are involved. The module is finished with a detailed plan for further development and evaluation of the designed concept. If one wishes, this can be the blueprint for a graduation assignment or even a PhD trajectory. The module is assessed based upon the quality of the design work in the project and a portfolio of the workshop sessions, accompanied by a reflection on the process and the concept.