Design Honours

Costs and Application


The programme is free of charge for UT students. 


Note that this quarter will add 15 ECTS to your master programme and thus is not a replacement of any of the regular components of it. The programme is meant for both students who are following a design master programme and want to deepen their knowledge and integrative skills, as for students who are not already trained in design and want to broaden their knowledge and multidisciplinary skills.

If you wish to be considered for the programme, send in your application materials. The selection committee will decide whether to invite you for an interview based on your submitted materials. The committee will announce its decision mostly within one week after this interview

If you have any questions related to the “Design Honours” programme, please contact:

Dr. J. van Dijk, Assistant Professor Human Centered Embodied Design
Phone: 053-4894596, Horst Building, room n207


Sorry! There are no dates available yet for the 2018-2019 design programme. This page will be updated as soon as they are.


Students of all master programs with a strong affection for design and who are interested in combining High tech with Human touch are eligible for the programme. Applicants, please send a motivation letter, explaining your interest in, affinity with and/or experience in design, a curriculum vitae including your grades, and if you have one, a (digital link to a) design portfolio.

Master Honours Programme Design


  • A full CV including contact details and student number.
  • A recent grade list
  • A motivation letter
  • A link to your digital port-folio (available)
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