The challenge

Design a product, system or service and involve relevant stakeholders 

Address a societal challenge and cash technological potential

Create a product with your team that would be ready to launch on kick-starter

Bring societal issues, creative ideas and technological opportunities together in a viable product concept.

Structure of the programme

The program runs in the 3d and 4th quartile.
Most meetings will be in the evenings.
There will be lectures, workshops, and you will meet in your own time with your team and with a tutor to discuss project progress. 

Over the course of the semester we roughly follow the design process that runs from analysis and exploration, idea formation, conceptualization, refinement and prototyping and evaluation. Within these broad phases however we work iteratively in which you keep reframing the design challenge looking at it from different perspectives, most notably the user perspective, the broader societal perspective, the business potential and of course the technological perspective

Is this for you?

The programme is eligible for Master's students from all backgrounds, after application there will be a selection process for admittance.

We seek students who are:
•       Ready to be the first in this programme

•       Multi-interest, multi-talent
•       Bridge builder, ‘hi tech’ and ‘human touch’, connecting the dots
•       Interested in skill, craft, making, creating, doing, producing
•       But also in: analyzing, conceptualizing, reflecting, ‘making sense’, out the box thinking.
•       Are known to reveal the core of complex issues with one elegant statement, sketch, diagram, question, or action.

Why choose the program?
•       For non-design students: to widen your competencies, including design as a powerful aspect within research- and innovation processes.
•       For design-students:  to deepen your competencies as follows:
         - To develop from ‘basic product/application design’ to designing for multi-stakeholder societal innovation.
         - To develop from ‘basic design’ to ‘research by design’

The course will take place in the Design Lab at University of Twente.

How to apply

Applicants send a motivation letter, explaining your interest in, affinity with and/or experience in design, a curriculum vitae including your grades, and if you have one, a (digital link to a) design portfolio.

Dr. Jelle van Dijk (
Dr. Gijs Krijnen (