Managing things, yourself, others and change well?

The annual MSc-Honours programme ‘Change Leaders’ will be offered in 2018/2019 for the sixth year. This unique programme focuses on developing one’s personal leadership skills during the execution of projects. Examples of projects are: organizing an event as a board member of an association; starting your own business or initiating or finalizing a project, but also an internship or MSc thesis project qualifies potentially as a change project in which your leadership skills will be honed by this programme.

In it you will further develop your knowledge, attitudes and skills related to leadership and change: in order to be able to contribute substantially in advice or change projects. You will gain insights into which approaches and techniques work best to achieve improvements. You will learn to recognize different forms of resistance, gain knowledge about different interventions and accompanying processes like learning in teams. Also you will reflect on your own role as a leader or during advice processes.

Curious to read more about the experiences of previous participating students? Check the three final booklets of the three previous cohorts: here and there and here.

General picture of Change Leaders