The HTSM Honours Master Programme is for excellent UT master students, that are looking for an extra challenge during your Master’s degree. Students of all master programs with a strong affection for the High Tech Systems and Materials sector and who are interested to collaborate with students from different disciplines and other universities on challenging, real-life product development assignments by private partners are eligible for the programme.
Admission to the programme is by selection, since the number of places available is limited. The Admissions Board assesses students on the following criteria:

  • study results to date
  • reasons for seeking admission to the HTSM Honours programme: the student is ambitious and wants to excel in the field of multidisciplinary, innovative high tech product development
  • potential in terms of completing the HTSM Master’s Honours Programme within the specified period of 18 months
  • the student is keen to explore the boundaries of his/her own discipline and look beyond them
  • the student’s willingness and ability to put theory into practice
  • the student’s willingness and ability to cooperate in multidisciplinary teams
  • the student’s results on the assignment(s) on the selection day