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STAR-Programme Industrial Design

For each module, a more challenging (project) assignment is formulated, going more in depth concerning either technology, design, management, or a combination of these disciplines. The variation between these disciplines create a versatile programme. One assignment can be about the physical design of a product, others could be about a more technical subject, like programming software or calculating a certain structure. From module 2 to module 8, you can choose to join the STAR-programme. For every module that you finish successfully, you will receive a star. You can receive up to seven stars, and every star will be listed on your bachelor diploma supplement. Examples of assignments for modules 2-4 are descriped below. These assignments may be slightly changed throughout the year. The STAR-programme of module 2 is focused on design, the one of module 3 is a technical assignment and the one of module 4 is focussed on a course regarding the application of design and electronics. 


In the final two weeks of the module, the selection procedure starts for the following module. You can show your interest in the STAR-programme by sending an e-mail to the contact person, Charlotte Oude Alink. The selection will be based on your grades and your motivation. The programme is meant for the top 10% of students of Industrial Design, but every Industrial Design student can join the selection procedure

Example: Module 2 - IDEE

In the STAR-programme of module two the STAR students will work, in addition to the normal project, on developing a product line. The main focus of the development will be on the design style. In addition to designing a juicer, STAR students will develop two other pieces of kitchenware, such as for example a coffee machine.
The chosen products must be developed on concept level and must suite the chosen brand and user location. The product must be controlled manually and should function mechanically. Only the juicer has to be modeled in the workplace. STAR students have to present all three the products in the final presentation. 

Example: Module 3 – Product Realization

In this STAR-programme the knowledge gained in the course Statics and the course Rigidity and Strength will be applied in depth. In multiple session there will be analyzed what normal user conditions and extreme user conditions are and how these influence the construction of design. In the final session the findings will be presented in an analyses and recommendation of the design.

Example: Module 4 – Smart Products

In addition to the project of module 4, STAR students will develop a Smart Toy. The Smart Toy is an action game for at least two players. De solutions for occurring problems will be in the hardware as well as in the software. Devises such as the Rasberry Pi and Arduino are allowed to be used.

More information

Are you interested to take part in the STAR-programme, or do you want to learn more about it? For any questions regarding the STAR-programme for Industrial Design, as well as to apply for the selection, you can, without any obligation, send an e-mail to Charlotte Oude Alink, the contact person for the STAR-programme of Industrial Design. You can contact her via