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STar-Programme International Business Administration

From 2014-2015 the IBA STAR-programme will be offered to 10% of the students, those who are ambitious and want to do something extra.In the IBA STAR programme the participating students will be involved in a different project in combination with the regular other parts of the module. These STAR versions of the project will be available in the five obligatory modules of the IBA programme following the module TOP. The difference of the STAR-project compared with the regular project is related to the level of understanding the modules theoretical parts. Understanding of theory in more depth will be necessary for example in order to apply the theory in a more complex situation or to develop insights at a meta level.

Participation based on selection

Participation in the STAR version of the module will be based on selection. Selection will be organised per module. Grades will be part of the selection criteria but are not the only criteria. Motivation and the shown (study) behaviour will be taken into account too. The last means that students who are active participants in educational activities and bring added value to our programme are welcome to apply for the IBA STAR programme too. The advice of module coordinators and teachers of previous module(s) will be of influence in selection.

Graduation with distinction

In the rules for graduation with distinction as described in the IBA programme specific part of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) participation in the IBA STAR programme is taken into account for determination of graduation with distinction.

Student experiences

Marius Scrieciu is one of the students who has been enrolled in a STAR-programme. He started studying International Business Administration in 2014. In the part below he will tell you something about his STAR-experience.

“The main reason why I choose to participate in the STAR-programme was to explore other possibilities, be exposed to new opportunities and have the ability to work with other motivated students from my study. I expected that in a STAR-pogramme I would be exposed to more content, would receive more support from teachers. Further, the STAR-programme gave me the opportunity to expand beyond my normal study. The STAR-projects engaged us into extra activities. It took my about eight hours extra per week.

I liked the BOM STAR-programmes the most. In BOM we played the Fresh Connection game. The BOM STAR-programme differed from the normal project in that it contained extra assignments, higher expectations for the Fresh Connection results and the project grade, a negotiation seminar, participation in research and a factory visit. Our team was so engaged in the game that we actually managed to recreate the game and all its fluctuations in Excel, with a precision of 10^-5.

This allowed us to quickly reach 1st place and stay there for a number of 3 rounds. It was very engaging, and incredibly time consuming. However, I and two colleagues were so engaged in the game that we did not pay attention to anything else for about two weeks. This came up to the point to which we were spending our time searching for papers on how to increase cycle service levels and how long to keep our production periods. It was a very intense period for us and an experience which I will never forget.

All in all,the STAR-programme is a great experience to start with. You have the chance to collaborate with very motivated and interesting students. You have the chance communicate closely with teachers and open your way towards new research possibilities. It also help with creating a network, composed of both students and teachers, which is vital for further development”.

More information

For more information about the IBA STAR-programme you can contact For questions about the STAR-programme of a specific module you can contact your module coordinator.