Yanzhe Li
BSc Mathematics Honours
Honours generation: 2018-2019
"It will introduce a new world to you, it will teach you a new thinking way of everything, it will show you something about art. What is it? Math Track!"

Jan-Niklas Girnth
BSc Philosophy Honours
Honours Generation: 2018-2019
"I decided to participate in the philosophy track of the honours program because I am personally very interested in the theories, concepts, and perspectives of philosophers. However, philosophy is a complex and interrelated discipline. The honours program offers the opportunity to explore it within a professional framework, including the study of primary sources, the guidance of proficient professors, and discussions with enthusiastic classmates. Retrospectively, it was the ideal starting point to approach the realm of philosophy. The discussions inspire and enable me to think about certain contents in a more sophisticated and transcendental manner. I am glad to be a part of this community."

Bregje Walraven
BSc Philosophy Honours
Honours Generation: 2018-2019
"Currently I am doing the Philosophy track, 3rd module. In the beginning of the academic year I started with my study International Business Administration. In the modules I was not really interested back then. When the Honours Programma presented itself, I was immediately in love with the Philosophy track, something totally different from my own study. Until now I like the weekly sessions about certain topics interesting for self-development, and therefore would really motivate other students to do this track as well."

Kim van der Tak
BSc Science Honours
Honours Generation: 2018-2019
"I would describe my track (Science) as an informative programme that enables you to gain more knowledge of subjects that are not necessarily linked with your regular study, like cosmology, evolution and philosophy. Here, it is about challenging yourself and others to be critical. You will also increase you presenting, reading, discussion and listening skills. And apart from that, you will definitely have a fun time with getting to know others from other studiesJ. The reason I applied had mainly to do with my eagerness elaborate my skills and knowledge somewhere else than in my own area of expertise."


Daphne van Dijken
Bachelor Advanced technology
Honours Generation: 2015-2016
“The math track really gives an insight into a different world of math. You learn to approach problems in another way than you are used to. Moreover, you study math related problems which you will otherwise never encounter in own study programme.”

Saumitra Athlekar
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Honours Generation: 2015-2016
“As an electrical engineering student, I seldom get the opportunity to quench the vast curiosity I have about topics that are beyond the scope of electrical engineering. Apart from breaking the monotony of regular study, the Honours Math helps me better understand the detailed working of the world around me, mathematically at least.”