Bachelor Honours

Student Experiences

Daphne van Dijken
Bachelor Advanced technology
Honours Generation: 2015/2016
“The math track really gives an insight into a different world of math. You learn to approach problems in another way than you are used to. Moreover, you study math related problems which you will otherwise never encounter in own study programme.”

Saumitra Athlekar
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Honours Generation: 2015/2016
“As an electrical engineering student, I seldom get the opportunity to quench the vast curiosity I have about topics that are beyond the scope of electrical engineering. Apart from breaking the monotony of regular study, the Honours Math helps me better understand the detailed working of the world around me, mathematically at least.”

Noor Godijk
Bachelor European Public Administration
Honours Generation: 2014/2015
“The Honours Programme has opened my eyes for new opportunities. I have become motivated to excel and flourish in my study and career. Moreover, I have made great friends and gained knowledge of different topics and study fields. I really loved the module Great Scientist. I now know everything about Darwin and Newton. In the final module of the science track we wrote and published a book about luck. The Honours Programme is a fantastic experience! ”

Tim Hermans
BSc Mechanical Engineering, Master Aerospace Engineering
Honours Generation: 2013/2014
"For me, the Honours Programme has been the perfect opportunity to broaden my horizon in an environment full of very interesting, ambitious and like-minded people. The curriculum of the programme and the community around it have been very beneficial to both my personal and professional life. I would definitely not hesitate to recommend it to you!"

Marieke Olsman
BSc Biomedical Engineering, Master Biomedical Engineering
Honours Generation: 2011/2012
“The Science track offers a wide variety of interesting topics. The presence of students with all kinds backgrounds results in nice and intense discussions. The track starts with discussing works of the famous scientists Darwin, Newton, Machiavelli and Freud. Scientifically thinking and writing is trained during the modules 'Philosophy of Science' and the 'Individual project'. During the last 'Synthesis' we created and published a magazine in which we combined everything we learned during the Honours Programme.”