Information Activities

Information Activities

In order to inform students more about the honoursprogrammes at the University of Twente, we have some information activities. These activities are split for bachelor and master students and depending on the thing you want to do.


  • 8th of December 12.45-13.30: General Information presentation Lunch in WA1
    Lunch from 12.30 onwards
  • 13th of December 12.30-13.45: EWI information and question meeting in HB2B
  • 19th of December 12.30-13.45: CTW information and question meeting in OH114
  • 20th of December 12.30-13.45: TNW information and question meeting in OH110
  • 9th of January 12.45-13.30: Question Market
  • 1st of February 17.30--: H.V. Ockham Bachelor Introduction


  • 8th of December 17.30--: H.V. Ockham Master Introduction