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Studium Generale: Exhibition: The silence after the mortars

Aleppo, the largest city of Syria, has been destroyed during the war. This had a tremendous impact on people’s daily lives. Nowadays debris is cleared and kids are playing in the streets again. Between the ruins, without water and electricity, little shops emerge. Photographer Simone Gerard travelled to Aleppo to see with her own eyes and camera how life is celebrated in Aleppo again. Impressed by the resilience and braveness of the people she made a striking photo series. Her photos will be on exhibit in the Vrijhof from 6 September to 4 October. You are kindly invited for the opening on Thursday 6 September 16.30 hours.

Simone Gerard is a freelance photographer. On Tuesday 25 September Gerard will talk about her expedition to Aleppo.

Foto: Simone Gerard


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