Workshop Invitation Developing an Online Course

You are teaching students?
You are interested in innovative ways of teaching?
Learn how to design a MOOC!

MOOCs are massive open online courses, which are becoming increasingly popular. This short introductory workshop is designed to give an overview about MOOCs. You will receive information that helps you to get started in bringing your own teaching online.

You will be able to start your own project under the guidance of experts in online course development. No prior experience is required.

This workshop will take place in conjunction with research about design guidelines of MOOCs.

The workshop will be offered twice:

April 6 2017
10:15 – 12:00 at HT 700A

April 7 2017
10:15 – 12:00 at HT 700A

Please bring your laptop to this workshop.

Designing a MOOC is a great way to learn more about innovative ways of teaching. Also, it allows you to share your research with a very broad and diverse audience from all around the globe. A MOOC can be your connection to thousands of learners who are interested in your field of expertise, your research and your views.

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