Donghai Zheng

Curriculum Vitae



PhD student, Department of Water Engineering & Management, University of Twente

2007 – 2010:

Master, Cartology and Geographic Information System, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

2003 - 2007:

Bachelor, Geography(National Base), School of Geography, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou, China

Conference paper and publications

Zheng, D. H., Wang, L., Zeng, H. J., et al. 2009. A simulation of Non-Point Source(NPS) pollution loads in Songtao Reservoir Catchment. Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae, 29(6): 1311-1320. (in Chinese)

Li, Y., Liu, S.H., Zheng, D.H., et al. 2009. Band Combination and Effect Analysis of RS-Based Supervised Classification of Land Use of YiYang. World Science-Technology R&D, 31(4): 699-702. (in Chinese)

Zeng, H. J., Yang, S. T., Wang, L., Zheng, D.H., et al. 2009. The situation and control scheme of soil erosion in Songtao Reservoir Basin of Hainan Island. Geographical Research, 28(5): 1197-1207. (in Chinese)

Wang, Y. J., Yang, S. T., Liu, C. M., Dai, D., Zheng, D.H., Zeng, H. J.. 2009. The analysis on the pattern of eco-water use of vegetation and the availability of green water in Sanmenxia area of Yellow River. Geographical Research, 28(1): 74-84. (in Chinese)

Zeng, H. J., Yang, S. T., Gao, Y. F., Ma, H. K., Zheng, D.H., Zhang, Y.. 2008. Soil Erosion Analysis of Beichuan County after Earthquake Based on Coupling Model of Repository and Spatial Information. Journal of Remote Sensing, 12(6): 908-916. (in Chinese)

Wang, X. L., Mannaerts, C. M., Yang, S. T., Gao, Y. F., Zheng, D. H.. 2010. Evaluation of soil nitrogen emissions from riparian zones coupling simple process-oriented models with remote sensing data. Science of the total environment.

Zeng, H. J., Zheng, D. H., Yang, S. T., et al. 2009. RS & GIS based assessment of adsorptive Non-point Source Pollution in Eucalyptus and Rubber plantation at the water source area of Hainan. IGRASS, 2009. (Oral)

Wang, X. L., Yang, S. T., Mannaerts, C. M., Zeng, H. J., Zheng, D. H.. 2009. Modeling riparian soil nitrogen removal based on a modified SWAT model coupled with remote sensing data. The Sixth International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE) 2009 Beijing China. (Oral)


Water Cycle and Climate Change

Application of GIS and RS

Data assimilation