Winnie Gerbens-Leenes

Welcome to the homepage of Winnie Gerbens-Leenes.

My research is about the relationship between energy and water. My research extended the concept of the water footprint to energy. It aims to give insight into this relationship and to raise awareness. If you would like to learn more about this topic please take a look at my publications. My research projects are Water for energy, energy for water, 2007-2009, funded by IMPACT of the University of Twente and Water Footprint Assessment of Solar Power (WaterSol) funded by Zeroemissions (Spain).

Winnie Gerbens-LeenesMy educational activities cover projects in the bachelor and master program of water management and sustainable energy technology and the course Sustainability (3TU master Sustainable Energy Technology, SET). Next, I am program coordinator of SET and among other things advise students concerning their studies. Next to that, I am an elected member of the University Counsil.

Prior to joining the University of Twente in 2006, I worked at Groningen University (NL) where I obtained my Ph.D. in food systems and the relationship between consumption patterns and natural resources. I worked on topics such as life style and energy, water and land use. I received my masters from the Open University (NL) where I studied environmental sciences. For details of education and experience, I refer to my CV and publications.

My offices are in the Horstring, room Z 138 and N238 (Thursdays).

My phone number is +(0)53 4892080, my e-mail: