Vera van Bergeijk

Name  Vera Bergeijk
Department: Water Engineering and Management
Tel.: +31 53 489 7882
Tel. Secretary: +31 53 489 3546
Position: PhD student

Postal Address:
University of Twente
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Department of Water Engineering & Management
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede


This PhD project is part of the All-Risk program: “Implementation of new risk standards in the Dutch flood protection program”. The program is a collaboration of various universities (RU, TUD, UT, UU and WU), research institutes (NIOZ and Unesco-IHE) and user groups. In total, the project consists of 14 PhD-positions, 4 Post Doc positions and a Casimir position

This PhD project focusses on the modelling  of wave overtopping erosion for flood defence reliability. During storms, waves overtop the dikes and cause erosion on the landward side of the dike. The erosion due to wave overtopping can lead to a dike breach. For this reason, it is important to determine the probability of dike failure due to wave overtopping. The goal of the project is to model the erosion due to wave overtopping and determine the probability of failure related to this mechanism. Also, the erosional effects of transitions is dike cover will be determined, with special attention for embedded objects, for example a road, stairs or windmills.


2017 PhD-candidate, University of Twente. 


2012-2015: Bachelor Physics and Astronomy, Utrecht University

2015-2017: Master Physical Oceanography, Meteorology and Climate, IMAU, Utrecht University


V.M. van Bergeijk, H.E. de Swart, B.G. Ruessink. Modelling onshore sand transport in shallow water during low energy conditions. NCK abstract 2017