Eelco van Beek

Name: Eelco van Beek
Department: Water Engineering and Management
Phone Secretary: +31 53 4894320
Position: Professor Modeling Integrated Water Resources Management

Short CV

Eelco van Beek joined the Water Engineering & Management department in April 2007 as part-time professor (30%) in the field of Modelling Integrated Water Resources Management. He combines this position with his work as water resources management specialist at Deltares / WL | Delft Hydraulics. During the nearly 35 years of his professional career, Prof. Van Beek has been actively involved in many water resources development projects in the Netherlands and abroad, ranging from projects with emphasis on long- term planning to real-time operation, from projects aimed at pre-feasibility studies to detailed water management projects, and from integrated studies (water quantity, water quality, ecology, economics, socio-economics and institutional aspects) to single-aspect studies. In 1993, Mr. van Beek was appointed part-time (30%) professor in Modelling in Water Resources Management at the Delft University of Technology, a position he kept till 2004. In that position he acted 6 times as promoter of PhD-candidates and supervised 35 MSc students.


1972: M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, cum laude, Delft University of Technology.



University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands (part-time)

- Professor Modelling Integrated Water Resources Management

1993 – 2004

Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands (part-time)

−Professor Modelling Water Resources Management

1976 - date

WL | Delft Hydraulics

−Water Resources Management Specialist (2001-date)

−Director, Inland Water Systems (1999 - 2001)

−Director, River Basin Management (1995-1999)

−Deputy Director Water Resources and Environment Division (1989-1994)

−Deputy Head Systems Approach Branch (1979-1985)

−Project engineer (various positions in the Netherlands and abroad)

1973 - 1976

UNDP / UNV - Iran

−associate water resources specialist

1972 - 1973

Delft University of Technology

−research fellow


Delft University of Technology (1993-2004):

−Integrated Water Resources Management

University of Twente (2007 onwards):

−Tools for Water Policy Analysis

UNESCO-IHE (2005 onwards):

−Water Resources Development and Management

RESEARCH involvement

  • Water allocation based on equity principles in the Yellow River Basin - China
  • Socio-economic aspects of Environmental Flow
  • Quantitative tools for River Basin Management
  • Sustainable Deltas - Vulnerability of deltas to climate change, climate variability and sea level rise and adaptation strategies to cope with adverse effect
  • FlooDsite - Member of the Scientific Advisory Board



Bangladesh/India: Advisor on Dialogue project Transboundary water issues between Bangladesh and India


Iran: IWRM-advisor in UNDP-GEF project on Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project, in particular Lake Uromiyeh


Egypt: Project leader extension phase Lake Nasser Flood and Drought Control Project, Ministry of water Resources and Irrigation. Developing scenario’s for upstream development in the Nile basin and for climate change and the analysis of adaptive strategies for the water resources management in Egypt to cope with these developments.


France/Japan: Short assignment to advice on the set-up and outlook of the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM-UNESCO)


Switzerland / UNEP: Advisor/expert Afghanistan-Iran Technical Meeting on IWRM and the Sistan Basin, discussing the transboundary issues of the Hirmand River.


Switzerland / WMO: Short assignment as member of the expert panel on Social aspects and Stakeholder Involvement in Integrated Flood Management. GWP/WMO associated programme on Integrated Flood Management.


Mongolia: IWRM advisor, developing a plan to introduce IWRM in Mongolia and strengthen educational and research institutions in the country.


Egypt: IWRM advisor Lake Nasser Flood And Drought Control Project, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. The project is developing an operational model for the High Aswan Dam and a flow forecast model that takes into account changes in upstream developments and land-use under different climate change scenarios. Based on these models an analysis is carried out on the operation of the dam as well as the development of strategies for Egypt to deal with changes in water availability.


Vietnam: Senior IWRM specialist for the 2nd Red River Basin Sector Project, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development / Asian Development Bank. Analysis of the drought situation in the Cau basin (a sub-basin of the Red River) resulting in investment recommendations for infrastructural developments.


Iran: Project leader of the project Integrated Water Resources management for the Sistan Closed Inland Delta (transboundary issue with Afghanistan), Ministry of Energy, Iran. Development of an operational (flow forecast) model for the Hirmand River and the drafting of an Integrated Water Resources Management plan for the Iranian part of the basin (the inland delta).


Bangladesh: Advisor to CEGIS / Water Planning Organization on developing a modelling framework for National and Regional Water Resources Planning in Bangladesh.


Philippines: Advisory Director Central Cebu Water Resources Management Project through Integrated Development


Indonesia: Water Resources Planning Specialist Basin of World Bank Project Basin Water Resources Management Planning in Java


Egypt: Project Director National Water Resources Plan for Egypt. Development of a first full national IWRM plan for Egypt, discussed and approved in the Egyptian Parliament


Philippines: Resource Person scientific and educational co-operation project between DUT and San Carlos University in Cebu on the subject of Integrated Water Resources Management


Bangladesh: Scientific director co-operation DUT-BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) on water management and hydraulics


China: Project leader Research Project on Integrated Water Management for the Yellow River Basin, addressing the allocation issues of this water scarce basin between provinces and sectors.


China: Principal Resource Person on topic Integrated Water Resources Management of the scientific and educational co-operation project DUT-Hohai University and Yellow River Basin Commission (in co-operation with KUN); project leader Yellow River Research Project


China: Advisor Netherlands and Chinese governments on scientific and technical co-operation between the two countries


India: Water Resources Planner / Advisor to the Hydrology Project (a project of the Central Water Commission)


Trinidad and Tobago: Water Resources Planner, drafting the Water Resources Management Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago


Indonesia: Team leader of various missions on Project Improvement Plan for Sp1 course on Water Resources Management


Egypt: member Advisory Panel on Land Drainage and Water Management, advising on technical and policy issues in Water Resources Management in Egypt.


Japan: Advisor Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction, on the introduction of Integrated Water Resources Management in Japan.


Bangladesh: Advisor Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology at Dhaka on educational and consultancy activities.


Indonesia: Project supervisor Water Resources Management project in Indonesia:

 Water Resources Database Project for Directorate of Planning and Programming, Directorate of Water Resources Development;

 Jakarta Water Resources Management Project.


Kuwait: Project Manager development of asap Data System for the assessment of the environment impact of the pollution caused by the Gulf war, unep/ropme.


Indonesia: Project Director Integrated Water Resources Development Project aiming to develop a National Water Resources Management strategy for the country.


Indonesia: Team leader Cisadane-Cimanuk Integrated Water Resources Development Project, West Java.

The objectives of this project were:

 improvement of the Indonesian capability to solve complex water resources planning problems (formation of an operational unit, training);

 to achieve an optimised approach for integrated water resources development in the area.

Under this project on operational wrm analysis has been created and trained within the Ministry of Public Works. Together with this unit an outline plan has been drafted for the integrated water resources development in Northern West-Java.


Thailand: Organisation and supervision of escap workshop on application of systems analysis in water resources management.


Iran: Member of the Dutch delegation for the promotion of water related research in Iran.


Bangladesh: Water sector master planning project, problem identification, data assessment.


Indonesia: Identification missions of co-operation project water resources planning.


Bangladesh: Participation World Bank invited mission concerning training programme water sector master planning.


Mexico: Exploring mission water management problems in the coastal area of the state Chiapas.


United States: Resident consultant Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, pawn project.

 Development of a model and analysis for regional hydrology, agricultural water demands and damages from drought and salinity.

 Groundwater level modelling and analysis.

 Evaluation of impacts (especially agricultural) caused by water management measures.


Iran: Project leader field study water management Aleshtar river basin in Lorestan.



Water resources expert in various studies on the development of the IJsselmeer and Markermeer areas


Project leader Analysis impacts new W+ climate scenario on the water resources systems of the Netherlands during dry periods


Project leader Delft Hydraulics research project on Modeling for Integrated River Basin Management


Project leader Delft Cluster study on Environmental Flows


Project leader Delft Cluster study on Land Use Planning for Flood Risk Management - towards more resilient river systems


Project leader Research Study on the development of a Decision Support System for water distribution during low flows in transboundary rivers


Project leader NWO Research Project on Sustainability and Environmental Quality of Transboundary River Systems (SQR)


Benefit assessment study on soil quality improvement in the Netherlands.


Project leader regional impact of groundwater withdrawals for drinking water, industry and agriculture in the province North-Brabant (the Netherlands).


Benefit assessment study water quality improvement in the Netherlands.


Project leader policy analysis study; planning of regional water management in the province of North-Holland (the Netherlands).


Organisation of a short course 'Application of systems approach and policy analysis techniques in water management'.


Project leader applied research project in the use of systems analysis for Water Resources Management planning.


Project leader dhl-team pawn-study and member of overall project co-ordinating team. Imple-mentation project results into a set of promising water management policies for masterplan.


Delft, Policy Analysis of Water management in the Netherlands (pawn) project engineer. Master planning project in co-operation with Rand u.s. Water balance and economic evaluation study for the Netherlands. Special topics: water flow models, agricultural water demand, irrigation.


Delft, Research project water quality problems of the Rhine river. Development of water quality analysis techniques and assessment of impacts on user groups of Rhine water.


Delft, development of stochastic optimisation model for qualitative and quantitative reservoir management.


Books and book contributions

−River Basin Modelling for Flood Risk Mitigation (author of 2 chapters in this book, edited by the University of Birmingham), Taylor & Francis Group, London.

−Water Resources Systems Planning and Management – an introduction to methods, models and applications (600 page book, co-author with Daniel P. Loucks), December 2005, UNESCO - Paris

−Coping with Climate Variability and Climate Change in Water Resources, Chapter 2 of ’Coping with Impacts of Climate Variability and Climate Change in Water Management: a scoping paper’, 2002

−Modeling for Integrated Water Management, in Water in the Netherlands (ed. P. Huisman), Netherlands Hydrological Society, Delft, the Netherlands, 1998.

−Application of systems analysis in water resources management, Proceedings of the regional seminar at escap, 1984 (editor and co-author), escap, Bangkok


−Floods, from Defence to Management, co-editor Symposium Papers of the 3rd International Symposium on Flood Defence, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Taylor & Francis Group, London

−River Basin Research and Management, co-editor special issue on ‘Integrated Modelling and Investigation of Land-Use Impacts on the Hydrological Cycle, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Vol. 26, no 7-8, Pergamon Press

Papers and symposium presentations (selection)

Integrated Water Resources Management for the Sistan Closed Inland Delta, Iran (co-author), Proceedings XVth Congress of Asia and Pacific division of IAHR, Madras, India

Conclusions and Recommendations of 3rd International Conference on Flood Defence, Nijmegen, in Floods, from Defence to Management, Taylor & Francis Group, London, 2006

−From Flood Defence to Flood Management, prerequisites for sustainable flood management (co-author), key-note speech 3rd International Conference on Flood Defence, Nijmegen, in Floods, from Defence to Management, Taylor & Francis Group, London, 2006

−Copula approach for flood probability analysis of the Huangpu River during barrier closure (co-author), Proceedings ICCE2004.

−Integrated Water Resources Management for the Yellow River in China: discussion on Scientific and Ethical Approaches (co-author), in Proceedings UNESCO/IAHS/IWHA International Symposium "The Basis of Civilisation---Water Science?" Rome, 3- 6 December 2003.

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−Integrated water resource management for the Yellow River basin in China (co-author), in Proceedings 1st International Yellow River Forum on River Basin Management, Zhengzhou

−An Overview of the National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) for Egypt, paper presented at the Seminar on Water Management Development in Egypt (2002)

−Setting the Stage - Netherlands and the Rhine River, invited lecture NATO Advanced Research Workshop on New Paradigms in River and Estuary Management, April 4-6, 2001, Idaho - USA, in print

−Cost-Benefit Analysis of water demand management measures, a multi-sector approach (co-author), Proceedings of the Minneapolis 2000 Joint Conference on Water Resources Engineering and Water resources Planning and Management, August 2000

−A framework for assessing cost-effectiveness of wastewater treatment for Nile water pollution control (co-author), Proceedings of the Minneapolis 2000 Joint Conference on Water Resources Engineering and Water Resources Planning and Management, August 2000

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