Lunchtalks WEM

Approximately twice a month, 12:30-13:30, including lunch

The Water Engineering & Management group organises work meetings with presentations from both staff members and students. Sessions are held roughly twice a month (see the schedule below) and starts at 12:30. It consists of a presentation followed by discussion. Please note that the location may differ from one session to another.

We encourage students who are interested in water related issues to attend the sessions!

To receive an email-announcement about upcoming lunchtalks, of if you would like to give a presentation about your research, which may be a finished piece of work or just some concepts or preliminary results, please contact Matthijs Gensen or Lara Wöhler




Title (follow link for abstract)

Mon 08-01-2018


Henrike Maris BSc

(University of Twente

Modeling the two-way coupling between Lanice Conchilega and sand waves on the bottom of the North Sea  

Tue 28-11-2017

HR N-109

Tessa Andringa BSc

(University of Twente)

Modelling the impact of storm-induced barrier island breaching on the morphodynamic evolution and stability of multiple tidal inlet systems 

Tue 11-10-2017


Dr. Pamela Nagler


Northern tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda carinulata) impacts on tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) water use

Tue 26-09-2017

HR N-109

Rik Posthumus BSc

(University of Twente)

Turbulence around scour holes in sharp bends

Thu 14-09-2017

HR N-109

Stan van den Broek BSc

(University of Twente)

The effects of storm surges on dune systems near inlets