Lunchtalks WEM

Approximately twice a month, 12:30-13:30, including lunch

The Water Engineering & Management group organises work meetings with presentations from both staff members and students. Sessions are held roughly twice a month (see the schedule below) and starts at 12:30. It consists of a presentation followed by discussion. Please note that the location may differ from one session to another.

We encourage students who are interested in water related issues to attend the sessions!

To receive an email-announcement about upcoming lunchtalks, of if you would like to give a presentation about your research, which may be a finished piece of work or just some concepts or preliminary results, please contact Hero Marhaento or Matthijs Gensen.




Title (follow link for abstract)

Mon 08-01-2018


Henrike Maris BSc

(University of Twente

Modeling the two-way coupling between Lanice Conchilega and sand waves on the bottom of the North Sea  

Tue 28-11-2017

HR N-109

Tessa Andringa BSc

(University of Twente)

Modelling the impact of storm-induced barrier island breaching on the morphodynamic evolution and stability of multiple tidal inlet systems 

Tue 11-10-2017


Dr. Pamela Nagler


Northern tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda carinulata) impacts on tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) water use

Tue 26-09-2017

HR N-109

Rik Posthumus BSc

(University of Twente)

Turbulence around scour holes in sharp bends

Thu 14-09-2017

HR N-109

Stan van den Broek BSc

(University of Twente)

The effects of storm surges on dune systems near inlets

Floor Maten BSc

(University of Twente)

Drivers behind changing food dependency and associated water risk in the MENA-region between 1961 and 2011

Fri 08-09-2017

HR N-109

Daniel Chico
(Water Footprint Network)

Water footprint for national water resources management & climate change adaptation in Chile

Tue 06-06-2017

HR N-109

Dr. ir. Erik Horstman

(University of Waikato)

Mangrove Resilience for Enhanced Safety of Coastal Urbanisations and Environments

Chris Pitzalis BSc
(University of Twente)

Time-dependent linearized friction: a development on Lorentz’ energy argument.

Mon 29-05-2017

HR W-121

Dr. ir. Ankie Bruens

How to join forces between Deltares and WEM? Insights in ongoing projects in the group Ecosystems and Sediment Dynamics 

Thu 11-05-2017

HR N-109

Kate Meyer MSc
(Curtin University’s Sustainable Policy Institute)

Footprints, planetary boundaries, and earth quota

Wed 15-02-2017

HR N-109

Dr. Stefano Farolfi

Experimental economics for the analysis of socio-hydro systems: Between laboratory and field

Fri 09-12-2016

HR N-109

Dr. Bee Berx
(Marine Scotland)

Ocean Circulation of the Faroe-Shetland Channel

Mon 28-11-2016

HR N-109

Mick Poppe BSc
(University of Twente)

Simulating the water footprint of woodies in Aquacrop en Apex

Tue 08-11-2016

HR N-109

Thomas van Veelen BSc (University of Twente)

Process-based modelling of bank-breaking mechanisms of tidal sandbanks

Thu 27-10-2016

HR N-109

Dr. Norman Kerle

(ITC, University of Twente)

3D post-disaster damage assessment with drone data

Tue 25-10-2016

HR W-121

Juliette Cortes Arevalo MSc (University of Twente)

A storyline example to communicate RiverCare results

Thu 06-10-2016

HR N-109

Ethan Trump BSc

(University of Twente)

Stakeholder perspectives on the effects of beach hut development along the Dutch coast: A qualitative study to assess scenarios for the preservation of important coastal dune functions.

Tue 27-09-2016

HR N-109

Wietse van Gerwen BSc
(University of Twente)

Modelling the equilibrium height of offshore sand waves

Tue 20-09-2016

HR N-109

Jane Ndungu
(University of Twente)

Multi-scale sandwave fields on the Taiwan Banks, northern South China Sea

Koen Reef BSc

(University of Twente)

Extending Lorentz’ network model for the Dutch Wadden Sea

Tue 19-07-2016

HR N-109

Dr. Erik Horstman
(University of Waikato)

Model versus nature: hydrodynamics in mangrove pneumatophores.

Thu 14-07-2016

WH 118

Elise Leusink BSc
(University of Twente)

The effects of multiple holiday houses on the airflow in a beach environment. (Including a demonstration in the wind tunnel.)

HR N-109

Sven Overbeek BSc

(University of Twente)

Influence of tidal sand wave fields on wind wave propagation.

Thu 07-07-2016

HT 700B

Mark Beltman
(University of Twente)

Exploring the D-RATIN tool – studying inland navigation potential using a rapid assessment tool.

Tue 28-06-2016

OH 210

Ir. Joost Rengers & ir. Lianne van der Weerd
(AT Osborne)

Daily practice of Water Management reflected upon by a management consultant.

Wed 25-05-2016

HR N-109

Prof. dr. Daniel P. Ames
(Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah)

New Directions for Open Access Water Data and Analysis on the Web.

Tue 17-05-2016


Sjoerd Wester BSc
(University of Twente)

Hydrodynamic modelling of a data scarce wetland area in the Lower Paraná Delta.

Ruben Bosman BSc

(University of Twente)

Water footprint of widely used construction materials – steel, cement and glass.

Hizkia Trul BSc

(University of Twente)

Performance of GRADE in simulating flood wave characteristics in the Rhine basin.

Wed 04-05-2016, 11:00

HR Z-203

Dr. ir. Suleyman Naqshband
(University of Wyoming)

Understanding delta morphology by quantifying sediment travel distances.

Tue 12-04-2016

HR N-109

Dr. ir. Bart Vermeulen (University of Twente & Wageningen University)

Flow in deeply scoured meander bends.

Mon 22-02-2016

HR N-109

Laura Basco Carrera (UNESCO-IHE & Deltares)

Collaborative Modelling for sustainable Water Resources planning.

Mon 25-01-2016

HR N-109

Prof. dr. Rosh Ranasinghe
(UNESCO-IHE & University of Twente)

Reflections, Projections and Dreams.

Tue 19-01-2016

HR N-109

Prof. dr. Suzanne Hulscher
(University of Twente)

Research and research methods in the Marine and Fluvial Systems group.

Tue 12-01-2016

HR N-109

Prof. dr. ir. Arjen Hoekstra
(University of Twente)

An introduction to the research in the Water Management group.

Thu 07-01-2016

HR N-109

Abe Esselink BSc
(University of Twente)

Measuring turbulence along a breaker bar.

Benno Fakkert BSc
(University of Twente)

Modelling the morphodynamic impact and the effect on significant wave height due to sand extractions.

Thu 30-11-2015

HR N-109

Loek Zomerdijk BSc
(University of Twente)

Performance of multi-model ensemble combinations for flood forecasting.

Thu 17-9-2015

HR N-109

Rena Hoogland MSc

Coastal policy and maintenance in the Netherlands.

Tue 25-8-2015

HR N-109

Harm-Jan Benninga BSc
(University of Twente)

Performance and limitations of ensemble river flow forecasts

Christian Broekroelofs BSc
(University of Twente)

The dynamics of environmental systems: investigating sustainability behavior.

Tue 30-6-2015

HR N-109

Laura Vonhögen MSc

From measuring to maintaining our dikes, rivers and coasts

Thu 2-7-2015

OH 112

Anouk Bomers BSc
(University of Twente)

Road impact on erosion development during overtopping flood events.

Bram Schnitzler BSc
(University of Twente)

Modelling sand transport under breaking waves.

Gertjan van der Ende BSc
(University of Twente)

Salinity and relative sea level rise in Heuningnes river South Africa.

Tue 7-7-2015

OH 112

Johan Damveld BSc
(University of Twente)

The effects of multiple retention basins on the hydrodynamics in convergent tidal channels.

Leonie Straatsma BSc
(University of Twente)

On the influence of storm characteristics on surge response in the New Orleans coastal basin.

Thu 30-4-2015

HR N-109

Matias Duran Matute

Granular-bed ripples and waves under an oscillating swirl flow: results from laboratory experiments

Thu 23-4-2015

OH 112

Kai Fang, Dr. Reinout Heijungs
(Leiden University)

In the footprints of LCA; Environmental footprints: Concept, classification, and the relevance to planetary boundaries

Tue 17-3-2015


Marien Boers

Ensuring coastal safety in The Netherlands

Thu 13-11-2014

HR N-109

Dr. Jos Timmermans

My way in NWO proposal writing.

Thu 11-9-2014

HR N-109

Dr. Ella Meilianda
(Syiah Kuala University)

Morphological Response of Coastal Ridge to Large Earthquakes along the Sumatran Subduction Zone

Thu. 3-7-2014

HR C 101

Stefan Kuks
(Waterschap Regge en Dinkel / University of Twente)

Challenges for water innovations at Dutch Water Authorities

Tue. 10-6-2014

HR N-109

Blanca Perez Lapena
(Southern Illinois University)

Agent-based models to assess the impact of climate change on agricultural landscapes in America's Heartland

Tue. 27-5-2014

HR N-109

Niels Alebregtse
(Utrecht University)

Effects of varying river discharge and network geometry on net volume transport in the Yangtze Estuary, China

Thu. 24-4-2014

HR N-109

Dr. Dan Friess
(National University of Singapore)

Too late to save Southeast Asia's threatened mangroves?

Mon. 7-4-2014

HR N-109

Víctor Chavarrías
(Delft Technical University)

Size stratification of Gilbert Deltas due to sea level changes

Tue. 1-4-2014

HR N-109

Dr. Yueping Xu
(Zhejiang University)

Understanding future potential evapotranspiration changes in Zhejiang Province, East China

Thu. 20-2-2014

HR N-109

Prof. Dr. Ir. Thorsten Wagener
(University of Bristol)

Diagnostic Evaluation of Environmental Models in Data Rich and Data Poor Situations

Thu. 13-2-2014

HR N-109

Denie Augustijn, Bas Borsje, Pieter Roos, Kathelijne Wijnberg
(University of Twente)

Upcoming research projects in the WEM-department: RiverCare, BeSafe, SMARTSEA, CoCoChannel.

Mon. 10-2-2014

HT 500B

Quirijn de Jong van Lier
(University of São Paulo)

A mechanistic root water uptake model including soil and plant resistance

Wed. 15-1-2014

HR N-109

Sebastian Multsch and Lutz Breuer
(University of Giessen)

Current capabilities and future directions of SPARE:WATER – a Site-sPecific Agricultural water Requirement and footprint Estimator

Thu. 9-1-2013

HR N-109

Anne Leskens
(Nelen & Schuurmans / University of Twente)

Interactive modelling in the context of flood disasters

Thu. 12-12-2013

HR N-109

Guoping Zhang
(Water Footprint Network)

Water Footprint Assessment for Environment Agency South East Region , North East Thames Area (UK)

Mon. 09-12-2013

HT 700B

Wouter Knoben
(University of Twente)

Estimation of non-stationary hydrological model parameters.

Rick Hogeboom
(University of Twente)

On the influence of groundwater abstractions on Lake Naivasha’s water level.


HR N-109

Yoshihide Wada
(Utrecht University)

Past and future global water stress and groundwater depletion

Thu. 28-11-2013

HR N-109

Marjolein Mens
(Deltares / University of Twente)

How to quantify the ability of water supply reservoirs to deal with extreme drought events

Thu. 14-11-2013

HR N-109

Dr. Holger Brueck
(Yara International, Research Centre Hanninghof, Germany)

Impact of Crop Nutrition on the Water Footprint of Agricultural Production

Thu. 31-10-2013

HR N-109

Dr. Jan Mulder
(Deltares / University of Twente)

Sand Motor: background, design, realization and developments

Oct. 08-10-2013

HR N-109

Prof. Dr. Jaap Kwadijk

Modelling climate and watermanagement; what you can call me 4

Mon. 30-09-2013

HR N-207

Dr. Orencio Duran
(Post-Doc at MARUM, Uni Bremen)

Vegetation controls on the maximum size of coastal dunes

Wed. 25-09-2013

HR N-109

Prof. Abdelkader LARABI

Water resources management using modeling: experiences from Morocco

BSc. Joep Schyns
(University of Twente)

The Water Footprint of Morocco and its added value for national water policy

Thu. 19-09-2013

HR N-109

BSc. Hildemar Houtenbos
(University of Twente)

Impacts of climate change on drought in Meuse Basin

Thu. 4-7-2013

HR N-109

Dr. Alice Lefebvre
(University of Bremen)

A numerical investigation of flow separation in the lee of bedforms (abstract)

Thu. 6-6-2013

HR N-109

Prof. dr. V.G. Jetten
(ITC University of Twente)

Integrated Flood Management in Kampala: the right mix of urban planning, hard and soft engineering to deal with flash floods.” (abstract)

Tue. 26-8-2014

HR N-109

Prof. Durval Dourado Neto
(University of São Paulo)

Alternative Analytical Expressions for the General van Genuchten-Mualem and van Genuchten-Burdine Hydraulic Conductivity Models