Title: Multi-scale sandwave fields on the Taiwan Banks, northern South China Sea

1) Three-period (2011-2013) of multibeam bathymetric data acquired over the Taiwan Banks, reveal detailed morphology of two types of sandwaves: primary sandwaves (~15 m in height, ~750 m in length) and secondary sandwaves (~1.5 m in height, ~50 m in length).
2) The sandwave density and morphometrics vary from the nearshore to the offshore on the study area, and deviate from the global trend.
3)   Cross-correlation analysis has been applied to investigate sediment behavior, which shows different migration characteristics around the two types of large-scale primary and small-scale secondary sandwaves.
4)   Combined with borehole data and sea-level variation, we propose a two-stage model of multi-scale sandwave evolution on the Taiwan Banks since 12,000 yr BP.​