Lunchtalk by Juliette Cortes Arevalo

Title: A storyline example to communicate RiverCare results

As researchers and water professionals, we often work in multi-disciplinary projects. We need insights from different backgrounds or disciplines to for example, better understand the long-term effects of river measures. In RiverCare, we also share and explain our work to different professionals in the Netherlands and abroad, because we want them to put our knowledge into use. Our challenge is to explain the context, end-use and added value of river research in a way that is captivating and easily understood by different audiences. As presented in today’s example, a storyline will explain RiverCare results about public perceptions on the effects of pilot engineering works in the Waal river. By translating our message into storylines we can craft a clear and compelling story that will spur our audience into action! In this session, you will learn about storylines, you will interact with an online example and  you will help me to rehearse my actual group session for the RiverCare dissemination days!