Lunchtalk by Wietse van Gerwen

Title: Modelling the equilibrium height of offshore sand waves

Date: 27-09-2016

Time: 12:30h

Location: HR N-109

Abstract for the presentation:
The dynamic bed forms tidal sand waves are of particular interest to offshore industries. Various modelling efforts looking into the linear short-term evolution of sand waves have led to a good description of the initial stages of growth. The non-linear evolution, causing sand waves to grow towards an equilibrium, is not fully understood. To further increase our understanding of the processes controlling this non-linear evolution of sand waves, a numerical process-based model (Delft3D) is used.  It is shown that the inclusion of tidal asymmetry and suspended load transport in the model equations results in sand wave growth towards a stable equilibrium with finite wave heights that approximate values as observed in the field.