Title:Size stratification of Gilbert Deltas due to sea level changes”

Abstract for the presentation:

Sea level rise has become an important factor to take into account, especially in deltaic lowland regions around the world. For a better prediction of the future, a good comprehension of the past is essential. These past sea level fluctuations are stored in deltas.

Most large deltas (Rhine, Danube, Nile, Ganga…) can be classified as deltas whose stratigraphy is governed by processes occurring on the delta top. However, there is also a kind of delta that is dominated by sediment avalanches over its front. These are referred to as Gilbert-type deltas.

The talk will focus on the effect of a varying sea level on the progradation and size stratification of a Gilbert delta. We have conducted laboratory experiments in which different sea level configurations were imposed. Later the size stratification was measured with an innovative technique based on painted sediment and color segmentation.

These results offer a potential tool for a better understanding of the formation of Gilbert deltas and its relation with sea level changes.