Title: Hydrodynamic modelling of a data scarce wetland area in the Lower Paraná Delta.

Date: 17-05-2016

Time: 12:30

Location: NH-207

Abstract for the presentation:

Modelling hydrological and hydrodynamic processes of wetlands is often complicated, because of data availability; there has always been a lack of systematic monitoring of wetlands. The extent, heterogeneity and flat topography of wetlands prevent field surveys and hydrological monitoring networks from providing a detailed representation of the propagation and characteristics of floods across the floodplain. The hydraulics within wetland systems are therefore often neglected or simplified in modelling studies of river basins. This exploratory study aims to capture the hydrodynamics in a large, data scarce, river delta consisting of wetland systems using a new modeling strategy that acknowledges the complex flow patterns in wetland areas yet functions with limited data availability. This contribution supports ecological, morphological and pollution studies and thereby contributes to the management of valuable wetland systems.