Title: ‘Collaborative Modelling for sustainable Water Resources planning.’

Date: 22-01-2016

Time: 12:30

Location: HR-N109

Abstract for the presentation:

Population growth and socio-economic developments are the main causes of the growing pressure on water resources systems. The allocation of water resources among competitive organizations as well as flood risk management makes Water Resources planning a complex issue. Informed decision making and participatory planning have become widely recognized as a pre-requisite for achieving sustainability in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). In this context, much research has been oriented towards engaging stakeholders in planning and decision making processes. Much less scientific research has been undertaken for exploring the use of conventional computer-based models within these participatory planning and decision making processes. The development of Decision Support Systems (DSSs) emerged for addressing this gap. However, in many cases DSSs were not used by stakeholders and decision makers after they were developed. This was for a variety of reasons, primarily associated with the different knowledge and expertise of the developers of such systems and the diverse stakeholders as intended users. Laura’s PhD research focuses on the use of ‘participatory modelling’ and ‘collaborative modelling’ for addressing the challenges encountered with DSSs. Particularly, Laura will present her PhD research on Collaborative Modelling for informed and participatory decision making in Water Resources planning.