Title: Performance of GRADE in simulating flood wave characteristics in the Rhine basin.

Date: 17-05-2016

Time: 12:30

Location: NH-207

Abstract for the presentation:

GRADE (Generator Rainfall and Discharge Extremes) will be used to determine the hydraulic boundary conditions required to carry out stability assessments of the dikes for the Dutch Rhine. It is therefore important that the flood waves simulated with GRADE are comparable with historically observed flood waves. Within GRADE the hydrological model HBV and a weather generator are coupled to simulate low probability flood waves. In this study the characteristics of flood waves (peak discharge, peak timing, volume, duration and number of flood waves per year) are used to assess the performance of HBV, the weather generator and the combined performance in simulating the flood waves from 7 major sub-basins in the Rhine basin. The study shows that the largest differences are found in flood waves from the Alpine region, the HBV model is generally responsible for the detected errors.