Title: “An introduction to the research in the Water Management group.”

Date: 12-01-2016

Time: 12:30

Location: HR-N109

Abstract for the presentation:

Wise use of freshwater systems and human development are intricately interwoven. Water systems change as a result of many factors that lie outside the domain of ‘the water manager’, including for instance spatial planning and land use change, economic development and climate change, changes in consumption patterns and agricultural and energy policies. We need to understand impacts of these external developments on water resources, and reversely, the implications of water resources constraints for the other domains. The Water Management group carries out research to advance our understanding of the natural and socio-economic processes behind water scarcity, flooding and pollution. The research has a strong interdisciplinary character, taking from and contributing to the natural, technical, social and policy sciences. We have a focus on quantitative analysis and modelling. We use, for example, hydrological models at river basin scale to study the effects of land use and climate change on low and peak flows, agent-based modelling techniques to study interactions between water users and local land and water use changes, combined soil-water balance and crop growth models to simulate effects of different irrigation strategies on water productivity in crop production and global and regional GIS-based analyses of water footprints, water scarcity and pollution.