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Louisa Kistemaker


L.H. Kistemaker, MSc.


Water Engineering and Management


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PhD candidate

Postal Address:

University of Twente
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Department of Water Engineering & Management

P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede

Current Research

PhD: Bridging knowledge systems for better water governance responses in multiscale transitions: a case study comparison of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6)

Artistic processes and performative inquiry can support bridging knowledge systems about socio-ecological change between different knowledge sources and capture different knowledge types including tacit, embodied, experienced and emotional knowledge aspects, share experiences and transform spectators into committed spectators for sustainability. The arts are considered a vehicle to accelerate societal transformations.

In my PhD research I aim at the collaborative identification of water governance responses on the water basin and sub-catchment scale through narratives and legislative theater, a form of theater first introduced by Augusto Boal that allows proposing drafts for new policies in the SDG 6 context. SDG 6 targets and indicators on sub-catchment level are tested in practice and sustainability transformation pathways are rehearsed. Performative inquiry is combined with participatory modeling to analyze multiscale dynamics.

Keywords: SDG 6 implementation, water governance, bridging knowledge frames, transdisciplinary, arts-based research, performative inquiry, companion modeling, knowledge scales, multiscale transformation


Organization of “Global Water Dances Enschede”. On June 24th, 2017 dancers and community members from the six continents will dance to raise awareness for global water issues.


PhD candidate

Water Engineering and Management Group


Project initiation and conference on arts based research applied in sustainable development.

Participation EU-China NGO exchange program, with support of Stiftung Asienhaus, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Stiftung Mercator.


Research position in the MAGIC project at G-EAU, Irstea. Montpellier.

G-EAU is a transdisciplinary research group on water management uses and actors. The MAGIC project has analyzed multiscale adaptation to global change in coastal areas and the tradeoffs induced by adaptation decisions.


Active member of a tip:tap.

A tip:tap is an association that promotes tap water consumption in Germany.


Master of Science in Resources and Technology Management, Water Management Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics, Cologne University of Applied Science, Cologne, Germany.


Bachelor of Arts, interdisciplinary concentration of Social Sciences and Humanities: International Relations and Sustainable Development

University College Maastricht, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands