X. Sedao


Mechanical Automation / Faculty of Engineering Technology



Building, Room

Horstring (building number 21)

HR, W-232


+31 53 489 2423

Tel. Secretary

+31 53 489 2502


+31 53 489 3631


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Postal address

Dr. X. Sedao

University of Twente

Faculty of Engineering Technology (CTW)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory of Mechanical Automation

Horstring, room HR W-232

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands



Ph.D in experimental physics, National University of Ireland in Galway, Ireland

M.Eng & B.Eng, Tsinghua University, China

Employment record

2009-2011, Laboratoire Lasers Plasmas et Procédés Photoniques, CNRS, France


Sedao has studied and worked in a few different countries. His main work focused on applied laser technology. The applications in photovoltaics and surface nano-structuring have been given major attention on in the recent years.


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Other Activities

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6. 'Method for Laser Ablation', European Patent Office 09160431.4 – 1262.15.05.2010, US Patent Application 20100301013.