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ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conference 

The ASME 2012 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC) took place during August 12-15, 2012 in Chicago, USA. The conference is the flagship international meeting for Design Engineering and includes several conferences, including: “Mechanical Vibration and Noise”, “Dynamics for Design”, and “Mechanisms and Robotics”. Even though ASME sounds similar to ASPE (American Society for Precision Engineering), roughly it can be stated that the ASME conference is larger and has a wider variety of subjects. The papers seem to be more focused at specific parts or methods researching only several design parameters. The methods and solutions are often more out-of-the-box. ASPE is more dedicated to precision engineering, has more industrial delegates, and is more into system level solutions. 

The research group Mechanical Automation and Mechatronics submitted two papers. One of these, based on the masters thesis of Ger Folkersma with supervisors Steven Boer, Dannis Brouwer, Herman Soemers en Just Herder, won the ‘best paper award’ in the category ‘compliant mechanisms - applications’. The paper presents a design of a 2 degrees-of-freedom stage with high dynamic performance (disturbing frequencies higher than 100 Hz) over a relatively large range of motion (100x100mm) with confined outer dimensions of the mechanism (540×585×87mm). The research on flexure is of inters for possible applications in vacuum such as can be found in ASML and FEI machines. The design (Design Principles) and modeling (SPACAR) of flexures for precision equipment has been a key interest of the research group for years is now awarded. Unfortunately Ger Folkersma was unable to personally receive the award.


Dannis Brouwer and Just Herder receiving the best paper award.

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Ger receiving the award, and flowers from the dean, at the University of Twente