WA M-day 28 June 2016

Group WA: Agenda M-day Tuesday June 28, 2016

-> -> -> MAY BE POSTPONED !!!


Tuesday June 28, 2016 -> -> -> MAY BE POSTPONED !!!


Starting at 15:30


HT 500A


Please discuss cancellations always with your supervisor(s)!!!

The time for a presentation is limited to 15 minutes. The extra time in the agenda is for discussion. During each presentation some people in the audience are asked to evaluate the presentation using this form.

Note that usually each student working on his/her Master project is expected to present the progress every second M-day. Typically each student will present his/her work at about three M-days:


The first presentation should cover an analysis of the problem, e.g. based on a literature survey or an overview of the specifications for a design.


In the second presentation the project should be presented in such a way that it is clear what will be studied/designed, how and why this will be dealt with and why the work is relevant.


Subsequent presentations show the progress.


Hugo Nauta



Rudi Damhuis

Independent storage loaders (Miedema)

Next M-day

Axel Timmer Arends

Performance of a 6 DOF flexure-based parallel manipulator (DEMCON)


Rob Wiefferink

First presentation


Sjors Kemp

First presentation: Design of a wafer positioning module (VDL-ETG)


Bahram Rustamov

Second presentation

Next M-day

Hedzer Durksz

Second presentation

Next M-day

Hille Groendijk

Second presentation (SET)

Next M-day

Han Jin

Second presentation (SET)



Afterwards drinks in the lab.

Master colloquia (future dates may be subject to changes)




May 24

Erwin Versteeg

Requirements Analysis of 7-DOF Parallel Haptic Master Device and Experimental Comparison of Two Workspace Extension Techniques for Teleoperation in a Real Life Task (Heemskerk Innovative Technology)

May 24

Diederik van Lith

Performance Evaluation and Calibration of a 7-DoF Redundantly Actuated Parallel Haptic Device (Heemskerk Innovative Technology)


Stefan Rutjes



Beralt Meppelink



Jeroen Oortwijn