Luc Wismans is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Transport Studies since April 2013 and also works for DAT.Mobility (Goudappel Group). In 2012 he received his PhD at the University of Twente. This research, carried out part time, focused on the dynamic multi objective network design problem in which the externalities of traffic are the objectives and dynamic traffic management measures the decision variables. He works at Goudappel since 1999 and is currently team manager Consulting of DAT.Mobility.


Room: Horst Room Z222
Phone: +31 (0) 53 - 489 6456
Phone secretary: +31 (0) 53 - 489 4322

Position: Associate Professor


2014 - current Team manager Consulting, Dat.Mobility

2013 - current Associate Professor Centre for transport studies, University of Twente

2012 - 2013 Team manager Transport innovation & modelling, Goudappel Coffeng

2008 - 2012 Senior consultant Research & Development, Goudappel Coffeng

2008 - 2012 PhD Candidate, Centre for Transport Studies, University of Twente

2003 - 2008 Senior advisor Traffic Management and Research, Goudappel Coffeng

2001 - 2003 Advisor Information Systems and Research, Goudappel Coffeng

1999 - 2001 Advisor Traffic Management, Goudappel Coffeng



PhD Civil engineering, University of Twente, Thesis Title: Towards sustainable dynamic traffic management.


MSc Civil engineering & management. University of Twente, Thesis Title: Optimization of traffic efficiency at network level.


•Dynamic Traffic Management

•Dynamic Traffic Assignment models

•Modelling traffic and externalities (noise, pollution, etc.)

•Optimization/Network Design Problem