Malte RistoMalte was born and raised in Kassel, a beautiful city in the heart of Germany. In 2005 he decided to study the applications of cognitive psychology on technical domains at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. In 2010 he earned his Masters degree by studying factors that can influence trust in Wikipedia. After graduation he changed faculties to start as a PhD candidate at the Center for Transportation Studies (CTS). The next four years Malte will study human factors aspects and acceptance of the Human-Machine-Interface that is being developed in the “Connected Cruise Control” project.



Room: Horst - Buitenhorst room 109
Phone: +31 (0) 53 - 489 4004
Phone secretary: +31 (0) 53 - 489 4322

Position: PhD Candidate


2009 Internship, TNO Human Factors


2009 – 2010

MSc. Psychology – Cognition, Media & Ergonomics, University of Twente

Thesis: Factors influencing trust in Wikipedia: An eye tracking approach

2005 – 2009

BSc. Psychology – Cognition, Media & Ergonomics, University of Twente

Thesis: Scientific User Interface Testing (SUIT): Exploring learning effects and Fitts’ law



•Interface Design


•Situational Awareness

•Mental Model




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