After finishing her university education in Cognitive Psychology, Marieke Martens started her carreer at TNO Human Factors in 1996. In the department of Traffic Behaviour her research focuses on driving behaviour, traffic safety, road design, driver support systems and driver state (fatigue, workload, attention, expectations). These studies are part of exploratory research, projects for the Ministry of Transport, European Union, OEMs and service suppliers. She received her PhD degree from the Free University in Amsterdam about the effects of expectations on visual attention and perception in driving. The title of her dissertation is: The failure to act upon important information: Where do things go wrong?

She has been a member of several CROW-working groups and a member of the PIARC working group on road tunnels and human factors. She is also a member of the  Advisory Board of the TRANSaid project and the INTERACT projec.

Since 2014, she works as Professor of ITS & Human Factors. Topics include driver support, Human Machine Interaction, cooperative systems, driving simulators, driving behaviour, and traffic safety.


Room: Horst Room Z216
Phone: +31 (0) 6 510 30 801

Phone secretary: +31 (0) 53 - 489 4322


Position: Professor


2014- present Professor, ITS & Human Factors, Universiteit Twente

2009 – 2013 Associate Professor, ITS & Human Factors, Universiteit Twente

1996 - present Department of Traffic Behaviour, TNO Human Factors


 PhD: "The failure to act upon important information: Where do things go wrong?", Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

1996 Master Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


2015-2018 Human Factors in Automated Driving

2011- Behavioural indicators for traffic safety

2016-2020 I-cave



Intelligent Transport Systems 1
Intelligent Transport Systems 2

Bachelor Introduction into Intelligent Transport Systems

VU Amsterdam Cognitive Psychology (Gastdocent)

Stichting PAO Various


•Driver support


•User acceptance

•Driving behaviour

•Cooperative systems

•Road design

•Traffic safety