Mariska van Essen Msc.

Mariska van Essen grew up in Ugchelen, a small village next to Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. In 2008 she moved to Enschede to study Civil Engineering at the University of Twente. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, she started specializing in the field of transportation engineering and management. She worked on her Master thesis about the development and evaluation of a day-to-day route choice model at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) in Blacksburg, Virginia, which is the second largest university-level transportation institute in the USA. Besides her study, she was secretary of the board of the local student sailing association.

A curiosity for route choice behavior and keen interest in transport modeling, analyses and simulations led her to pursue a PhD at the Center for Transport Studies (CTS). Here she conducts research on the potential of personalized travel information in order to influence route choice behavior and therewith approach system optimal network conditions.

In her spare free time she likes to enjoy the beautiful nature and historical cities around the Netherlands, especially by foot, bike or sailing vessel. She likes to participate in different sports and activities from time to time as well.


Room: Horst Room Z238
Phone: +31 (0) 53 - 489 8026
Phone secretary: +31 (0) 53 - 489 4322

Position: PhD Candidate


2014 – present

PhD Candidate, Centre for Transport Studies, University of Twente



Master Civil Engineering & Management, University of Twente

Thesis: One route or the other? Development and evaluation of a day-to-day route choice model incorporating the principles of inertial behavior and quantification of the indifference band based on a real-world experiment, (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA)


Bachelor Civil Engineering, University of Twente

Thesis: Herinrichting Busstation Rijssen (Gemeente Rijssen-Holten)


2015-2017 Towards a system optimal network state using personalized travel information.


•Travel behaviour

•Route choice

•Travel information

•Choice modelling

•Network optimization


Awarded with the Master Thesis Award 2015 (CTW Faculty), University of Twente